Is this really my milk? How is that possible?
Heck yes! We preserve your milk and encase it in non-toxic resin to create a lasting memory of your breastfeeding journey. We also add a hint off shimmer to accentuate your milk's natural glow.  

I don't have extra milk. How much do you need to make my jewelry?
We know that every drop of milk is worth its weight in gold. We only ask for half an ounce of milk and can typically make 2-3 pieces from that amount. The milk doesn't have to be fresh - old, expired, and high lipase milk works just fine!

This seems complicated...how do I get my milk to you? 
We make it easy! As soon as you place an order, we'll send you a collection container with a pre-paid return envelope. Shipping is always free!

How long will this take?
We are committed to getting your order to you within 3 weeks of the time your milk gets to us.

Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship within the United States. 

What types of metal do you use?
All of our pieces are nickel free. We design with sterling silver and 14 karat gold filled metals.

What happens to the leftover milk? 
If there's leftover milk from your order, we'll preserve it and file it away in case you want another piece.

Will my piece look just like the picture on the website?
Your piece will be as unique as your milk. 
Every piece is handcrafted with love and stone color will vary based on the color of your milk -- some milk is white while others may have a creamy yellow or other unique tint. 

Will my piece rot or turn brown?
Rot? No way! Your milk goes through a special preservation process. That said, your milk will be encased in resin, which tends to yellow or cloud over time. Like any other jewelry, your piece should be cared for. With proper care, it should last a lifetime. Follow the instructions included with each piece (they're also at the bottom of this FAQ). 

Can I return or cancel my order?
Due to the personal nature of the piece, we cannot accept returns or order cancellations.

Do you have gift certificates? 
Absolutely! You can purchase a LECHELOVE gift box or gift certificate on our Gift Options page. Gift boxes and gift certificates cover the entire cost of any our designs. 

A gift box is great option if you want mama to choose her own design but want to have a physical gift for her to open. Gift certificates are great for including in cards and can be printed out within 24 hrs of purchase.

Both options make perfect baby shower gifts and are a great way to spoil a well-deserving mama on her birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, or just because ;) 

How do I care for my breastmilk jewelry?

Avoid Water
Remove your jewelry before showering or bathing. Avoid mineral baths, spas and swimming pools. Salt water, chlorine and heat (i.e. a steamy shower) may discolor your breastmilk.
Avoid Heat
Excess heat or UV rays may discolor your jewelry. Avoid storing near heating vents, on window sills or in cars. Avoid saunas and tanning booths. Do not wear while blow drying hair or using other heat tools.
Avoid Essential Oils, Lotions, and Perfumes
Make sure any oils, lotions, or perfumes are fully absorbed into skin before putting on your jewelry. Apply hair spray and other hair products before putting on your jewelry.
Clean your jewelry with the polishing cloth we provided
Avoid jewelry cleaners and harsh chemicals. Silver may tarnish over time as it is exposed to light and air. Remove tarnish with a silver polishing cloth.
Remove before exercising, sleeping, or cleaning.
Store your jewelry in a cool, dark place in the jewelry bag we provided.